About me

Born and raised in Yorkshire I was introduced to knitting by my wonderful babysitter, Ellen. Ellen was quite elderly and I often wondered who was babysitting who, however, Ellen had a youthful mindset and endless patience.

Rather than the obvious Dr Who scarf which was all the rage at the time we were ambitious and jumped straight into an earthy brown fishermans rib jumper. This was quite perceptive as brown is still one of my favourite colours and I'm driven by texture. Cable and Fair Isle followed shortly after and before long I persuaded my wonderful mum that a knitting machine would be a much better idea for a Christmas present than a TV tennis game, (the one with a bat that could only go up and down!) Who can remember that?

Fast forward to age 13, the era of Lady Di wearing sheep and cloud jumpers. I designed a collection of stripy jumpers, jumped on a train to London and sold them to a specialist jumper shop in Kensington. 

Now happily settled in SE London, my three gorgeous daughters are flying the nest and time has come to return to my knitting roots.