Loveheart Throw

Super soft chunky merino throw, hand crafted in London to your bespoke colours with five hearts knitted into one end of the throw.

Shown here in lightening with ash hearts. You can choose any combination from 30 of my favourite colours. Please email me on for more information or colour sample requests.



Width 70cm

Length 120cm

Due to the size of the wool and each stitch and because each item is individually hand crafted, dimensions are a guide and will vary slightly.



Prior to knitting, the pure unspun merino wool is gently hand felted to give a sumptuously soft, chunky and cosy finish with minimal pilling. It is again hand finished after knitting.

Similar to cashmere, heavy use may result in pilling. This is not a fault but a natural result of movement of the fabric and will slow when it settles. The small balls can easily be gently pulled away by hand or removed with sharp scissors.

Merino wool is naturally stain, flame and odour resistant. It is hypo allergenic and anti-static, repelling dust.



If anything is spilt on your product, spot clean immediately with cold water using a blotting action.

Dry clean only when necessary.

Do not machine wash.